500 BBL Tanks

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Double Walled for Invert and Base Oil

Strad’s 500 BBL double wall horizontal tanks are primarily designed to store invert and base oil. These tanks are created with multiple connection hoses in order to pump fluid from the tank and transfer it to the rig.

Strad’s Surface Equipment team specializes in containment, fluid management systems and spill prevention as well as turnkey project management. Our team is highly trained and experienced at mobilizing and demobilizing tank farms. Our team will safely and efficiently coordinate all logistics for the transportation of equipment fluids and waste disposal on the well-site.


  • Two no-pinch hammer style ground rods complete with 10′ of #2 flexible cable and quick connect couplers
  • 75′ static steel reel for safe fluid transfer
  • Mechanical fluid level monitoring
  • Front ladder including fall arrest
  • Rear live roll
  • Bowie 3″ positive displacement pump, 10 HP motor 1.4m³/minute (optional: Frank Hennery pump with 3″ suction and 3″ discharge, 20 HP motor 1.0m³/minute)
  • 2″ glycol line comes with 1″ hydraulic couplers

Master Tank

  • Two 3″ tank fill lines for invert and base oil
  • Two 3″ invert suctions one sumped
  • One 3″ base oil suction sumped
  • One 3″ base oil circulation
  • One 3″ invert circulation

Slave Tank

  • One 3″ invert fill line
  • One 3″ invert suctions, one sumped
  • One 3″ invert circulation
  • LED boss fixtures for exterior lighting


  • Front ladder including fall arrest
  • Pressure safety theft hatch
  • High level fluid alarm at 85% tank capacity


Master tanks (2 compartment) hold 42.5m³ of fluid in each compartment and have 3″ fill lines, 3″ suction lines, and 3″ circulation lines whereas slave tanks (1 compartment) hold 85m³. Suction lines have an optional manifold that can be installed to allow multiple vacuum trucks to hook up to remove fluid faster. Also, circulating lines have an optional manifold that can allow one pump to keep the fluid moving in all the tanks. Strad has added pump mounts to all of our tanks in order to use multiple pumps if required or to allow any tank to have its own independent pump.

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